Why is my A/C Blowing Hot Air?


Thermostat is Set Incorrectly

Check if your thermostat is set to: system - “cool”. Remember that your fan settings and system settings are different and have separate functions. Your fan is responsible for circulating air while the system determines whether the A/C or Furnace is working.

The ideal A/C settings are Fan: Auto or On and System: Cool. If your thermostat is set to these settings and your A/C is still not working correctly, then the air blowing over the indoor coil could be coming out “hot”, making the home hotter.

Solution: Turn your A/C unit off and call your technician.

Airflow Restriction

Dirty or clogged air filters or coils can impede the process of cooling down the air.

Solution: Make sure to change your filters often. Call your technician for a yearly maintenance to clean the coils.

Outside Unit is Not Getting Power

Two components, an indoor and an outdoor unit, comprise your A/C system. If your indoor unit is blowing air throughout your home, but your outdoor unit (which supplies the Freon) isn’t getting power, your home will not cool.

Solution: Call your technician.

Other Reasons:

· A/C unit needs maintenance

· Low on Freon (Refrigerant)

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