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Northwest Comfort Systems is your residential heating and air conditioning specialists. NWCS has been servicing the King, Pierce and Snohomish county areas for over 20 years. 

At Northwest Comfort Systems we don’t treat each job like the last. We tailor our installation to meet the best operation and efficiency possible. Sometimes that can put us on the job longer and having to do more adjustments during installation, but we rather do the job correctly the first time instead of coming back to fix something.

At Northwest Comfort Systems we value new and current customers. We strive to provide excellent over the phone customer service, expert advice from our experience technicians and quality heating and air conditioning equipment. Let us be your next call when you experience any problems.
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  • How often should I change my air filter?
    We suggest filters are changed at a minimum of every 2-3 months. This could vary based on average use of furnace and air quality of the home.
  • How often should I have a service & maintenance done?
    Ideally, every year or every other year. Regular service of maintenance of your system saves customer more money over the life of the system.
  • Do you provide free estimates?
    Yes we offer free estimates to our customers. We do not like to provide estimate over the phone, we prefer to come out to the home in order to provide our customer with a more exact estimate of cost.
  • Can a customer order filters through us?
    Yes. We have a page on our website for you to fill out and provide info to have us order and ship case(s) of filters to you. Check out the page. Air Filter Order Form
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